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Resident Massage Program

8thberryhas partnered with Zero Gravity Massage, Inc so that massage therapy is one of the many benefits of being an 8th & Berry resident. As a resident you receive a significant discount for a truly special Zero Gravity Massage experience.

couples chair experienceZero Gravity Massage, a concept featuring state-of-the-art, luxury, medical massage chairs, is a full body massage like no other. Our famous Vegas Massage Chairs serve highly rated massage experiences all across the country.

Zero Gravity Massage, Inc brings you this amazing service in a human-free method, remotely operated inside a private-suite conveniently, next door at 700 Craighead.


ratingsOur customers rate the quality of service as exceptionally high. For example, 1 review site has 420 actual customer ratings with 407 being positive.

We are proud of that 97% satisfaction rate. This level of success with serving our clients is why we KNOW we can successfully serve you.


Our standard rates are fair. Further value is found in the lack of tipping which can be significant. An average tip added to a typical couples massage could increase further costs of the experience by $40-$60.  

With this exclusive partnership, you will receive our Member rate. Instead of $129 for couples and $69 for an individual, this program saves you $50 or $20, respectively. Your rate is $79 for 2-people and $49 for a solo experience. Plus the bonus savings from not needing to tip a therapist.


There is NO membership to join. Read more about our concept and book easily at our Nashville page, here

Use discount code 8thBerry for Couples/2 people or 8thBerry1 for solo to receive the special savings.

If you have any issues, text us at 702-621-5829. You will get real, human support at most any hour 7 days a week.