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Searching for a Massage Gift Card in Fort Walton Beach? You found the best gift in Fort Walton Beach. Digital. Easy to share. Never Expires. Massage is the #1 gift.
  1. Our massage gift cards are a short, digital code which can be personalized & never expire
  2. Code is chosen before purchase and valid instantly
  3. You will share the code. Anyone with the code can use it.
  4. Print or easily share via text or email.

Our massage is a private, human-free experience suitable for anyone. Great for those who love traditional massage as well as those who prefer NOT to be touched. No tips or added fees, ever!

Proof of purchase will come to your email.

Only the Gift Code above is needed to redeem the massage.

Multiple ways to give someone the Gift Code:

  • Give them a Greeting Card with the gift code
  • Send them a personal email with the gift code
  • Text them the gift code
  • Optionally, You can print a gift PDF template to add code & value

Why do we do this type of Gift Card system?

Many online gift cards end up in spam of the recipient. They may never see it. You are then left awkwardly asking if they received it. When it comes from you directly, it's far more personal and guaranteed to avoid spam.