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Zero Gravity Massage Membership

Savings without the commitment. A simple, month-month plan for great savings.


Members save on every massage. Pre-pay for 1 at a fair discount. Return again the same month for a bigger discount. Savings apply to couples and solo massages.

Roll-Over or Share

If you do not use a monthly, pre-paid massage, it rolls over to the next month. Also, you can share any unused, pre-paid massages with friends.

Opt-Out, Anytime

Things happen. People move. Budgets get tight. You will never have to explain to us why you choose to cancel a membership. In fact, its done easily via one click of a link.

Membership Pricing


  • 1 60 min. Couples Massage = $20 Savings
  • Additional Couples Massage $79 = Save $50
  • Additional Solo Massage $49 = Save $20


  • 1 60 min. Solo Massage = Save $15
  • Additional Solo Massage $49 = Save $20
  • Additional Couples Massage $99 = Save $30

How The Membership Works

Instead of paying regular price, you will pre-pay for a fair savings. That will happen each month automatically until you click a link in your email to stop it.

To encourage our members to come again during the same month, we discount all other massages during that membership month substantially more. You DO NOT prepay for those. 

As a member you will book your massage online WITHOUT paying the regular rate. After you submit the reservation, you will text us and we will handle the rest. 

Further questions? No worries, just text us at 702-621-5829