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Are we the best couples massage in Las Vegas? Many say, "Yes!" We have hundreds of 5 star reviews for many different reasons. Some people simply do not want touched by a random stranger. Others just want the best massage for a great rate. Whatever motivates you, this experience will deliver to your satisfaction or your money back.

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What is ahuman-free massage experience?

Massage Therapists are great, but...

Sometimes you need to be away from people to truly relax. And while human touch can be great, sometimes you don't want touched by anyone.

We have the finest zero gravity massage chairs, built specifically to serve 60 minute full-body massages to people of most any size. 

And to keep it truly private, we serve you in a private-suite that you have all to yourself.

Can a chairREALLY be as good as a person?

It's a totally different experience.

We do so much that a human simply couldn't do. And humans can do things our Massage Chairs can't do. It's not a competition. It's a different way to ge the results people need.

Need just a foot massage? It can be that. What about only neck and feet at the same time for a whole hour?  Obviously, an individual therapist cannot do that.  But we can. It's at least 3 times as much massage for the same or less money. 

Be skeptical. We were too. But you should see for yourself why so many adore the experience. | Read Our Reviews.
Couples Massage Private Suite


Minutes = ACTUAL massage time

Side-by-Side or alone in a private suit

Fully customized experience

COUPLES 60 Minutes
$169 $129

$249 $199

SOLO 60 Minutes

SOLO 2 Hour

Who'sbright idea was this?

Hi, im Shonn Piersol...

15 years running hands-on massage centers uniquely prepared me to launch this 1st of its kind concept. 

I know what a high quality massage should be. I know how important it is to be consistent. I am aware of the need for a shared experience for couples. And yes, sometimes us non-couples need a private space to relax also.

My businesses have helped over 10,000 couples enjoy a shared experience. We have earned more 5 star reviews from the last 2 years of chair only offerings than in all the years of human-touch combined!

I give you my word that we have this figured out, that we wouldn't waste your time or money. And if, after, you feel disappointed, I will personally refund you 100%

Shonn Piersol, MBA

Proud Granddad of 10!

Shonn Piersol

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Zero Gravity Massage Setup Video