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There are many Massage Franchises on the market. Yet, each requires significant net worth and up front capital to secure the franchise. Our Zero Gravity Massage Chair concept is different. Our business model is far more practical in todays marketplace.

How We Changed The Game

Before the pandemic, Massage Therapy was an $18billion industry in the US. An industry that has consistently grown year over year. In spite of its biggest challenges being staffing and government regulations, it continues to thrive.

We removed both of the biggest challenges of the industry and replaced them technology and effective logistics. Our proprietary massage chair experience primarily serves couples in private-suites. 

Using a system of micro-locations across the USA, we remotely operate each personalized experience using phones, text and video.

Over 500 consumer reviews rate us an average of 4.75 out of 5 stars with 97% of our reviews being positive.

Evolution of aMassage Franchisepost covid.

Pre-Covid Massage Industry

For 10 years prior to Covid, we operated a successful hands-on massage spa in Indianapolis, Indiana. Each year was more profitable than the one before. By most measures, it was a good business. Employing as many 18 massage therapists & front-desk staff along with thousands a month in rent seemed normal.

Staffing was always the hardest part of the business. Increased government regulations made it harder each year to find qualified massage therapists.

Success brought stress.

After our biggest year of 6,000 massages served in 2015, the daily responsibilities of staffing so many people became incredibly stressful. Our niche was couples massage, a distinctly underserved segment of the massage industry. We set records for couples massage that may never be broken.

One of the challenges of the couples massage concept is needing twice as many therapists to serve the experience. With staffing already an issue, we began to see why other spas mostly ignore couples massage altogether.

Reimagining a chair massage experience.

Working with a 5 star manufacturer with decades of experience, we developed a 60 minute full body massage chair. We began with 6 of those chairs in an open room concept in a retail business next to our hands-on spa in 2016. 

In spite of our lack of experience with the chairs and our primary purpose being hands-on massage, we received enough evidence in a short period of time that we had something special.

In 2018 we went all-in with borrowing around $100k for 19 of our, now branded, "Vegas Massage Chairs" in a location on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip that cost $36,000 a year. 

Still in a learning phase, year 1 was tough. By year 2 we had reached $250,000 in sales and were primed for a fabulous year 3 when the pandemic arrived.

The Covid Pivot

While closed because of Covid in April 2020, we returned to Indianapolis where we were able to test a concept of 2 Vegas Massage Chairs in a private room with only a phone call for setup. 

With much knowledge from serving couples for so many years, we knew that some compromises could be made in the experience as long as it gave couples an opportunity to be together for an activity outside the home. 

And with the fear of Covid at it's height, we knew keeping people away from other people would be unique to our new-found business model. 

By April of 2020, while every other spa in the country was closed, we were proudly  serving couples massage. And our human-free, private-suite couples massage concept was born.

We selectively accept2types of partnerships.

Our Model

Cincinnati Office Building

"Our Model" includes a totally "hands off" approach by the partner. Partner has no role in any aspect of day-to-day operations. ZGM finds the property, secures the lease, and runs all aspects of operations.

The partner lends ZGM $14,400 to order 2 Vegas Massage Chairs. As a lender, the partner has no liability or responsibility related to the operations of the business.

While loan is being repaid, lender has collateral of that locations' 2 Vegas Massage Chairs.

Repayment of loan is done with monthly payments equal to 50% of operating profits until payments total an equal amount to the original loan ("full repayment"). The goal for this is 1 year.

The month following "full repayment" begins monthly payments equal to 30% of operating profits that will continue until repayment total equals $75,000 or a mutually agreed upon settlement is reached.

Our Model with Your Model

Birmingham's Lyons Electrolysis
"Our Model with Your Model" requires the partner to have an existing retail operation with a private-suite available to run our operations. 

The partner purchases 2 Vegas Massage Chairs for $14,400 and wholly owns the equipment. With the equipment in a private-suite, partner can use the chairs for their existing clients without discretion. 

Through a licensing agreement and strategic partnership, Zero Gravity Massage, Inc will generate new clients and provide full support to those clients using the designated private-suite of the partners location.

This location will receive equal representation on the Zero Gravity Massage website for both marketing and booking reservations.

Each month ZGM will pay the partner 50% of net profits for perpetuity as long as the partner continues to provide an appropriate retail location for operations.

How much$can this make?

Below are numbers from 4 locations from Medium to Large US Cities. 

One locations isn't making anyone rich, but can generate legitimate, additional passive income. 

All locations have operated less than 2 years and are still in their startup phase.

Last 12 Months (Sept '21 - Aug '22)


What kind ofgrowthcan we expect?

The best predictor of the future is the past.

Aug '21 vs Aug '22

$1400 vs $2800
+100% Growth
Best Month: $5300

$2000 vs $4000
+100% Growth
Best Month: $5100

$1900 vs $2400
+27% Growth
Best Month: $7000

St Louis
$1600 vs $2000
+25% Growth
Best Month: $5000

How high can it go?

We understand that business people want projections. Rather than make up an educated guess to impress, we will point out that the numbers you see above are at 10-15% capacity.

It is very reasonable to imagine doubling our numbers by year 3 and still only being at 30% capacity. And THAT is why we will continue to open our own stores all across this country.

But I want toOWNsomething.

As a business owner, I can relate. But perhaps you are not ready to spend 2 years sleeping on a massage table in the break room of a business 1800 miles from your family.

Perhaps you are not prepared to spend the amount of money it takes to get a national branded franchise model business to work with you to reduce the risk of a startup business.

Shouldn't there still be a way for you to get what really matters most: monthly, passive income?

An Inconvenient Truth

There are numerous government regulations that control who can be sought for investments without being "registered investors". Franchise businesses have a tremendous amount of red-tape.

And as business owners you would have additional liabilities, permits and licenses that become an additional responsibility.

The simplest method for earning ongoing cash-flow is to loan money and earn a return from the loan. No business. No headaches. Just passive income.

Partner Info Request

We are open to discussing our rapid growth. We do not make any assurances that we will accept a partnership even if you are willing and able. Our startup costs are so low, and our system so effective, that it's quite sensible to fund our own growth.

That being said, we try to keep an open mind and listen to offers.

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