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There are many Massage Franchises on the market. Yet, each requires significant net worth and up front capital to secure the franchise. Our Zero Gravity Massage Chair concept is different. Our business model is far more practical in todays marketplace.

How We Changed The Game

15 years in human-touch massage helped Zero Gravity Massage, Inc founder Shonn Piersol, MBA, develop an alternative to the traditional massage concept.

Originally tested as a response to staffing shortages at his own spa, this massage chair concept quickly found acceptance with people who do not want touched by others.

Research shows as many as 70% of Americans avoid traditional massage for reasons including not wanting to be touched by strangers.

While basic massage chairs existed in malls across the country, the lack of privacy, customer support and quality denied legitmacy to the concept. 

Now, at more than 30 locations from California to Florida and all over the Midwest and South, couples and individuals can get the highest level of massage treatment in total privacy. 

Motivated by a human-free experience, people are finally getting the relaxation, bodywork and private experiences they need.

Partner Info Request

We are open to discussing our rapid growth. We do not make any assurances that we will accept a partnership even if you are willing and able. Our startup costs are so low, and our system so effective, that it's quite sensible to fund our own growth.

That being said, we try to keep an open mind and listen to offers.

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