Massage Discount Return Rates

The sooner you return, the bigger the discount. A simple, straight-forward pricing model allowing clients to receive the benefits of massage on a regular basis.

No memberships. No commitments. Pay a rate based on your last visit date.

A massage within 7 days of a previous reservation receives the biggest discount. The rate gradually increases each week.

60 Minute Rates if return within...

Discount Massage Pricing

How To Book with Return Rates?

  1. Click the locations page and choose your city.
  2. Click "book massage" link at top of page
  3. Submit reservation with "return rates" in notes
  4. Do NOT pay, yet.
  5. Text us at 702-621-5829 letting us know you submitted it.
  6. We will calculate your discounted rate and send payment link via SMS.