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Employee Assistance Program (EAP) & Massage

couples chair experienceWant an EAP benefit that your team members will actually utilize? We got you.

Massage is one of the most in demand wellness services. Unfortunately, traditional massage has a number of drawbacks, which is why it's seldom offered as part of an EAP.

Zero Gravity Massage, a concept featuring state-of-the-art, luxury, medical massage chairs, is the ideal wellness service to make available to your team.

Zero Gravity Massage, Inc brings you this amazing service in a human-free method, remotely operated inside a private-suite which guarantees your people stay away from human-to-human contact.


massage ratingsOur customers rate our quality of service as exceptionally high. For example, 1 review site has 420 actual customer ratings with 407 being positive.

We are proud of that 97% satisfaction rate. This level of success with serving our clients is why we KNOW we can successfully satisfy your team.


Our standard rates are fair. Further value is found in the lack of tipping which can be significant. 

Our standard program would include passing on to your staff our Member rate of $79 for 2-people and $49 for a solo experience. This program includes a $50 and $20 savings, respectively. 

Another option is a flat, company-paid fee per month or quarter which covers the cost for the team to come at their convenience.


We will provide you with a simple to use organization-specific discount code that will adjust the price accordingly when your staff books their chosen time online.

 Please reach Shonn Piersol at 317-448-3228 to discuss further about our options to serve your team.